About Phootle

To phootle?
Not to phootle?

What is phootle?

These are all important questions…. but phootle doesn’t exist, it’s a made up word. So, why did I choose it and what does it mean to me?

Having plumped for the word “footle” but couldn’t get my hands on the domain I made the word into “phootle” instead. So what, does footle or phootle mean?

Well, they are potentially very important words that until recently I hadn’t realised existed. In my family you use the word “potter”…. not the maker of pots, but a meaningless walk often to some small town or village. Its a phrase very dear to my family’s heart – we just love a good potter.

So, why for my website and company name? To me I’d like to think my website is something similar – a meaningless walk through the constructs of my mind – an insight to me.

Enjoy the potter and I look forward to speaking with you soon!