About Phootle

To phootle?
Not to phootle?

What is phootle?

These are all important questions…. phootle doesn’t exist, it’s a made up word. So, what does it mean to me?

Well, to be honest, I was hoping to use the word “footle” but that domain was already taken.. so in true creative style I made the word into “phootle”! So what, does footle or phootle mean?

These are potentially very important words that until recently I hadn’t realised they existed. In my family you use the word “potter”…. not the maker of pots, but a meaningless walk often to some small town or village. Its a phrase very dear to my family’s heart – we just love a good potter.

So, why for my blog site? Well, basically the site is likely to be something similar – a meaningless walk through the constructs of my mind – an insight to me, my life and my thoughts. Good luck, and enjoy the trip. Hopefully there will be nice cake or pint of beer in it for you as usually take place in a top class potter!